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Store Update & Call Out!

Hello all,

We have still been receiving orders despite having gone on a break, and so with Christmas round the corner (AGAIN!) the shop is now live again.

I – Ellie – now run Stationary N’ Stationery – a local stationery, gift and art supplies shop – as well as a new accessible arts practice, Nice Time, through which we’ve been running workshops and events all in accessible locations.

If you’ve made anything you’d be interested in us selling for you through the shop, please email and head over to our Selling page for more information.

Hopefully hear from you soon!



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Meet the Maker #5

Number five is the fantastic Caz Beatty of Niyama Designs!

Some of Caz’s beautiful furniture will be available to view and buy at the Christmas fair tomorrow!


How has the winter been so far for you?

The winter so far has been lovely as I have just moved into a cosy new house with friends and i’ve been making the most of seasonal foods and new recipes! Love getting creative with food in the winter.


When did you start making things and how long have you been making things for?

I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember! I adore everything colourful and have always been attracted to colour, so anything I can grab and make colourful, i will do it.


Whats your favourite piece you’ve ever made?

Probably my most favourite piece is my first ever, fully covered sun and moon ukulele.



Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

Yes: To constantly be making resolutions throughout the year. My goal is to keep moving forward, emotionally, physically and creatively!



What do you do/tell yourself at times when you think, ‘Oh no, I don’t have enough time to do anything creative’?

If I’m ever freaking out creatively, I make it my aim to put myself first, gain peace of mind and I know the rest will follow in due time. If I’m ever in a rush, I will clear my mind as quickly as possible and focus on the task at hand: usually through meditation.


Any advice to your fellow local creative?

Local creatives, focus on what will help people and make people happy. Believe in your idea and have no doubts in yourself even in times of struggle. Follow one idea through and make it the best it can be rather than starting lots of projects half way.