…And welcome to a new social enterprise project based in M21.


We are an online and pop-up shop, selling the art-n-craftwork of residents in and around the Chorlton area.

Have you ever gone and done a nice doodle and thought “Hey, that’s nice”?

Have you ever gone to a craft fair and seen a handmade card for £11.99 and thought, “Erm, I could definitely make a nicer card than that”?

If so, get in touch now to be featured on our site. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Every Sunday from 2-4pm, we have been running pay-as-you-feel arts-for-wellbeing drop in sessions at Dulcimer in Chorlton, Manchester. We specifically would like to target those suffering from long term health conditions and other ‘disabilities’.

We very much agree with the social model of disability (check out this useful page from Greater Manchester Coalition for Disabled people here) and look to include other supporters of this model.


In 2019, CH+ will work on an asset-based community development model, aiming to provide support for existing community groups in aspects such as venue hire and social media/marketing support.

A ‘What would you like to see in your community?’ feature will enable CH+ to help individuals or groups evolve their interests into sustainable and self-led community ventures.

Is there a group you’ve always wanted to see in your community? We’d love to hear from you.


Some funding is required to get the organisation off the ground and registered – initially this will cover administrative costs of running the shop, materials for workshops, marketing and recruitment, refunding volunteer expenses, and hopefully a small monetary recompense for yours truly.