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So Prince thingy has launched a joint campaign with Mind regarding mental health in the workplace.

This got me thinking – with regards to all the evidence for arts-based therapeutic practice, surely even introducing tiny exercises into your day will help too.

No, I don’t mean watching Netflix and doing ‘mindful colouring’ in a colouring book that cost £9.99 – I mean proper, raw, take-your-pen-for-a-walk, loadsa-your-favourite-shapes, make-up-your-own-little-pocket-monster type doodling.

And so we at CH+ launch our new scheme, doodle at work. Send your workdoodles in all week and we’ll get a bangin gallery going!

EMAIL US at with pics of ur week’s doodles

Here’s a link to a page about Zentangling – which is a fancy, new, marketable name for taking ur pen for a walk.

Shove some felt-tips in yer bag tomorrow and take 5.

Here’s mine from today: